New package to make eyecare easier in care homes

Specsavers Healthcall has developed a new tool for care home staff to make it easier for them to meet their residents’ eyecare needs.

The Personal Eyecare Package is a double-sided A4 document designed to help staff ascertain the quality of someone’s eyesight and which of their glasses they need for everyday activities.
Specsavers Healthcall clinical director Dawn Roberts said: “We understand that care home staff are extremely busy so we wanted to create a guide that would allow them to see, at a glance, each resident’s eyecare needs. The document is not designed to be a clinical record but give staff the information they need to help them care for their residents.”

Other opticians provide documents with some of this information but Specsavers Healthcall claim this level of personalisation is unique. It is also designed to help care homes meet the Care Quality Commission’s guidelines on supplemental health.

The document includes pictures of someone’s vision with various eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. The optometrist will tick the box on the picture which relates to the resident so workers can get a better idea of the sort of vision problems they face.

Each document will be highly personalised and will contain pictures of each pair of glasses a resident has chosen and if they are for near or distance and general vision. Staff will also be able to check which glasses someone needs for a particular task or hobby such as reading, bingo or walking.


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