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NMC COVID-19 temporary register reopen to overseas nurses

The nursing regulator has reopened its COVID-19 temporary register to people in the UK who have trained internationally as nurses. This is providing that they are already on a pathway to their ‘OSCE’ exam and full NMC registration.

Employers will need to assure that people are fit, proper and suitably experienced to work in the emergency.

Conditions in place for entry to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) temporary register are that the registrant must:

  • work as a registered nurse in an employed capacity for a health or social care employer
  • always work under the direction of an NMC registered nurse or midwife or other registered healthcare professional who is not on a temporary register.

Employer nomination and assurance is the only route to temporary registration – people cannot apply directly to the NMC. Employer nominations will be accepted until at least the end of February.

Professionals who have recently left the permanent register can continue to join the temporary register if they want to support the emergency response.

Employers must take two steps to assure us that people are fit, proper and suitably experienced to work in the emergency. First, a senior NMC registrant who is on the permanent register must assess each overseas nurse to confirm that:

  • the nurse is suitable to work in the emergency and that they support their entry to the temporary register
  • the nurse’s English language is (skills for listening, speaking, reading and writing) sufficient to allow them to practise in the emergency
  • the nurse has no health conditions or disabilities that prevent them from providing safe care or, if they do have a condition or disability, that it is managed so they can practise in the emergency
  • the certifying registrant is not aware of any concerns about their character that prevent them from practising in the emergency
  • the nurse has the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to practise in the emergency

Additionally, the director of nursing or registered nurse leader must confirm they are satisfied that an appropriate, proportionate and objective assessment framework is in place for the senior NMC registrant to follow – and that it has been followed in each instance.


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