Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) and Clinicare Supplies announce merger

Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) and Clinicare Supplies are to merge, with change of ownership effective as of end of October.

The merger represents the joining of two businesses very similar in their products and services, with strengths that are highly complementary and will enable them to provide a new and broader set of services to clients.

Both companies will continue to operate separately throughout the integration period, and will bring to market a newly combined and branded, single entity business by July 2018. This is to ensure a smooth transition across all workstreams and minimal disruption to clients.

Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews, managing director at Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) says: “After months of intense work to bring us to this point, we’re really excited to be able to announce this merger.

“Founded 30 years ago, both NHG and Clinicare Supplies share similar cultures and values built on teamwork, transparency and trust, as well as business ethos based on strong relationships and innovative ideas. The success of both companies to date can be largely attributed to this as well as our talented employees, loyal customers and strong supply chain.”

Nathan Campbell

Nathan Campbell, managing director at Clinicare Supplies says: ““We’re all really excited about this merger. We’re confident that it will create the ideal platform for growth, and will benefit our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

“Both Clinicare Supplies and NHG are extremely proud of the quality of their products and services, and the quality of their customer service. Clients can rest assured they can expect from the newly combined business the same focus, the same high-quality service and the same team that they have come to know.”


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