It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week

Hydration and good oral health is key to every one’s wellbeing.

Maintaining oral health brings benefits in terms of self-esteem, dignity, social integration and nutrition. Poor oral health can lead to pain and tooth loss and can negatively affect self-esteem and the ability to eat, laugh and smile.

Top tips to help keep the mouth hydrated include:

  • Ensure the mouth is brushed twice a day with a non-foaming fluoride toothpaste
  • If patients have dentures make sure they are rinsed after every meal; brushed twice a day and kept out at night in a denture pot
  • Encourage the patient to drink lots during the day, keep fruit juices to meal times, avoid fizzy and high sugar content drinks, however if they are given make sure they are packed with ice.
  • Avoid giving patients over spiced food, and excessive use of salt.
  • Remind patients and yourself about a healthy life style, no smoking, avoid alcohol and eat lots of vegetables, fruit and omega 3.

Check out Mouth Care Matters online resources for more great tips to help residents to better nutrition and hydration.  


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