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Over half of care home entries follow a health crisis, Vida Healthcare survey reveals

A survey by Vida Healthcare has highlighted the last-minute nature of care finding.

Key findings include:

  • 57 per cent said they waited to move a loved one into a care home until after a health crisis
  • 75 per cent said that having the conversation about moving into care was very difficult
  • 43 per cent admitted to lying to loved ones during the process

The survey also highlights a lack of knowledge about the available care options:  around a quarter of those polled admitted a sketchy understanding of the differences between residential, nursing and dementia care is, and almost a third (31 per cent) didn’t know what social care or respite care involves. 

One reason for the delay in seeking care is the perception of care homes in the UK: one in five people said their perceptions of care homes were negative. Over a third of family members felt guilty about making the decision to move a loved one into care.  

Of adults who currently have or have previously had loved ones in care, half felt their family member was resistant to moving into a care home, citing factors such as missing their own home (47 per cent) and losing independence.

Ahead of Care Home Open Week in June 24-20, Vida Healthcare Managing Director James Rycroft has called for a shift in the perception of care homes in the UK. 

He says care home teams can offer the following reassurances to family members:

  1. You can’t provide the level of care that a care facility does
  2. You haven’t failed a family member by not keeping them at home with you
  3. You should prepare more and talk about options earlier
  4. You and your loved one will feel safer 
  5. Plan the move and make it as smooth as possible


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