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One in four staff in Welsh council-run homes are on zero hours contracts

Over one in every four people who work in local authority adult residential care in Wales are employed on a casual/zero hours contract. This represents an estimated 1,191 people, a new report into the Welsh social care workforce reveals.

The Social Care Wales social care workforce report 2021 reveals that adult residential care accounts for the second highest number of vacancies in the survey, with 5.3 per cent of jobs unfilled – equating to 1,701 vacancies on 31 March 2021.

As a whole, more than 90 per cent of staff employed in commissioned adult residential care are employed on a permanent basis. However, this figure drops to 69.3 per cent in local authority adult residential care. More than a third (33.24 per cent) of those working in local authority adult residential care work less than 16 hours per week, while fewer than 10 per cent of the commissioned adult residential care workforce works less than 16 hours per week. Nearly half (48.7 per cent) of those in commissioned adult residential care work full-time hours.

There were slightly more vacancies in commissioned services (6.3 per cent) than local authority-run services (5.2 per cent).  

Care workers make up 58 per cent of the adult social care workforce, with nurses accounting for 5.1 per cent and managers 4.9. The workforce is 85 per cent female and the most predominant age groups in adult social care are 26-35 and 46-55 years. Some 88 per cent of staff are classed as white, 7.8 per cent Asian British.

In total, there are 91,000 people working across all settings within the social care sector in Wales. In contrast with the council run adult social care zero hours contract rates, across social care as a whole, 78 per cent of the workforce is employed on a permanent contract. More than 40 per cent of the workforce has some Welsh language ability.


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