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PainChek adds pain scale to app

PainChek has added an established pain scale to its facial recognition pain assessment tool to help improve pain scoring in residents who may or may not be able to self-report how they are feeling.

PainChek now features the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) standard, available as a free upgrade for existing PainChek users or will come as standard for all future subscribers.

The company’s app analyses micro-facial expressions indicative of pain and was first used to help manage pain in people living with dementia or cognitive impairments.

“Many residents of care homes are able to reliably self-report their pain, and the NRS is an established standard used to document self-reported pain levels,” said PainChek senior research scientist, associate professor Kreshnik Hoti. “But there are also times when care home residents’ ability to reliably communicate their pain fluctuates, with causes ranging from acute delirium to the side effects of psychotropic medications.”

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