Patel warns staff of the effects of a Brexit vote

Chai Patel, executive chairman of HC-One, one of the UK’s largest care home providers, has told staff that leaving the EU would be like writing a blank cheque to a housebuilder with no planning permission, survey or stable foundations.

He said the company would not presume to tell its 14,000 staff how to vote but it had a duty to warn of the risks posed by Brexit to “the care we deliver, the livelihoods of our colleagues and the company’s future”.

Mr Patel highlighted the UK’s nursing shortage and need for carers, housekeepers and catering staff.

“HC-One has relied on the work of colleagues from around the world, including Europe, to provide the kind and professional services we are proud of,” he said.

“The care sector has gone through a period of very serious reduction in local authority spending. Britain leaving the EU could have a profound effect on our national economy and in turn on public spending. The care sector would struggle to absorb another cut in spending.”


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