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MHA calls for NHS funding for pharmacy care home services

MHA has called for NHS funding for pharmacy care home services, due to failings in the current model.

Responding to the Health and Social Care Select Committee inquiry into NHS pharmacy, MHA references cut backs in the pharmacy service to care homes that leave residents without timely access to medicines.

Among the problems MHA has experienced are loss of free pharmacy equipment, such as trollies and dividers along with consumables such as controlled drug registers and other stationery items, non-collection of pharmaceutical waste, and emergency trips by care home staff to source medicines for residents.

In its response to the inquiry, MHA calls for NHS funding for the pharmacy care home service and upskilling other professions to deliver certain aspects of pharmacy services in the care home sector.

It highlights its concerns for the sustainability of pharmacy businesses, noting closures of Lloydspharmacy branches and reductions in opening hours of community pharmacies, particularly in rural areas.  


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