Poll reveals 73% think hidden cameras good for care homes

A poll taken at the Care Show in Bournemouth shows almost three quarters (73%) of care industry professionals think surveillance cameras in care homes would be good for the sector.

Delegates were asked if they thought the controversial cameras would be good for residents and carers. Fifty-two delegates at the conference said they thought surveillance cameras would be good for the sector whereas just 19 thought they would be detrimental.

The snap poll from public relations company Arc Seven comes just weeks after the CQC published information for people who are thinking about using hidden cameras – or any type of recording equipment – to monitor someone's care.

Arc Seven Director Gemma Keogh said: “There has been a sense that care providers are reluctant to go down the camera route but this survey suggests that simply isn’t the case.

“Many of the people we surveyed would welcome the introduction of cameras in their care home because they believe ‘good carers have nothing to hide’. Interestingly some individuals felt the cameras would actually offer protection to care givers themselves, who may fall victim to false accusations of mistreatment.”


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