Prepare to end PJ paralysis

England’s top nurse has launched a drive to end ‘pyjama paralysis’ and give patients back one million days of their precious time that would otherwise be wasted in bed.

Department of Health chief nursing officer Professor Jane Cummings is urging care home staff to encourage residents to get up, dressed in their own clothes, and moving to boost physical and mental well-being.

Professor Cummings said: “For many wearing pyjamas reinforces feeling unwell and can prevent a speedy recovery. One of the most valuable resources is a patients’ time. I urge all those caring for our older people to help end “PJ paralysis” and get involved in the 70-day challenge and show the impact they can make.”

The campaign will run from 17 April to 26 June – 70 days – and will finish in time for the NHS 70th anniversary celebrations on 5 July. It forms part of a new Department of Health nursing recruitment and retention campaign, also launched to mark the NHS’s landmark 70th year.


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