Quarter of care homes rated poor or bad by independent guide

One in four of care homes has been rated poor or bad for quality in the latest review by the independent Good Care Guide.

The guide marks its fifth anniversary by comparing reviews from families over that period. In 2012, 11.8% of reviews of elderly care homes were rated poor but this has now increased to 25.9% of reviews. On value for money, care homes were rated as poor or bad by 12.4% of reviews in 2012 and this had more than doubled to 27.2% in 2016.

Reviewers were even harsher on home care services, with 40% rating them as poor or bad for quality of service and value for money.

Good Care Guide was launched in 2012 by My Family Care and United for All Ages and has had more than three million visitors. The site features over 65,000 registered providers of childcare (nurseries and other group childcare) and adult care (care homes and home care agencies).

Stephen Burke, director of Good Care Guide and director of United for All Ages, said: “Poor reviews for care for older people reflect the growing concerns about the funding of care and the care crisis.”


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