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How Radar Healthcare can help you make the difference to residents

What is the best way to support your workforce, retain your talent, and drive improved outcomes? A quick solution is to implement the right technology. This massively reduces the day-to-day pressures, allowing workers more time to do what they do best and enjoy – caring.

Radar Healthcare’s market-leading flexible risk, quality, and compliance software has been designed to do just that. By centralising all risk, quality, and compliance processes, data, and communications into one system, Radar Healthcare enables teams to streamline operations, to work more collaboratively, and make more strategical decisions.

The wide range of interconnecting modules link together to consolidate data, drive safer outcomes, provide wider visibility, and embed continuous improvement. Find everything from audits, incident and event management, to action plans for workforce compliance and risk management. An in-depth analytics tool also identifies trends, helping you to spot risk and prevent incidents before they even occur.

Radar Healthcare’s systems are constantly evolving: an example is the new audits module, which is equipped with features such as scheduling audits by role, and adding custom response types. Mobile-ready and offline working allows auditing anytime, anywhere.

Working with Radar Healthcare is proving to be invaluable by bringing together all our incidents and events, audits, and continual improvements actions into one place. Empowering our workforce to be part of a proactive, caring, supportive environment, in which they can be proud to work.
Sharon Winfield, COO, Avery Healthcare

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