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REACT report confirms care worker COVID risk

Care home workers have the highest COVID risk, along with other key workers, according to the eighth report of REACT, one of the country’s largest studies into COVID-19 infections in England.

This confirms the findings of the recent ONS report, which looks at COVID infection rates by occupation.

The report, which covers the period January 6-22, also reports that in the over-65s, the COVID prevalence rate is 93 infected people per 10,000 (0.93 per cent).

The main findings from the eighth REACT study are as follows:

  • national prevalence was 1.57%, or 157 per 10,000 people infected
  • national R-rate is estimated at 0.98 with a range of 0.92 to 1.04
  • regional prevalence was highest in London at 2.83%
  • East of England at 1.78%
  • West Midlands at 1.66%
  • South East at 1.61%
  • North West at 1.38%
  • North East at 1.22%
  • East Midlands at 1.16%
  • Yorkshire and the Humber 0.80%
  • South West at 0.87%
  • prevalence increased nationally in all adult age groups and was highest in 18-to-24 year olds at 2.44%.  

Care staff are encouraged to have a COVID-19 vaccination, in a new letter from England’s chief health officers.

In the letter the top health chiefs reiterate that frontline health or social care are at greater risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Scottish Care has published a webinar on COVID-19 vaccination.


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