Salary survey highlights nursing and residential care differences

An annual survey of salaries for managers and deputy managers has revealed a continuing gap between nursing and residential homes.

Hunter Human Capital, a supplier of professional headhunting services to care homes, says the key factors are the number of beds and the degree of care provided within a home.

A nursing home manager with more than 100 beds in a home can typically expect to earn just over £50,000 a year. That figures drops to £36,000 for the manager of a nursing home with less than 30 beds. A deputy manager in similar homes would earn between £27,000 and £36,500.

However in the residential sector, the averages are lower. Here a manager with between 60-69 beds under their control typically earns £41,300 a year, down to £29,000 for less than 30 beds. Deputies earn between £27,100 and £30,100.

Hunter Human Capital says there are four factors that have the biggest effect on salaries:
•    The size of the home
•    The care offered
•    The experience of the manager/deputy manager
•    The calibre of the person based on CV

Hunter Human Capital says that in early 2013 they saw a growing number of clients seeking to recruit managerial staff who were not only clinically competent, but also commercially astute, as the demands placed on both managers and deputy managers to handle budgets, administrative and marketing activities increased. This trend continued strongly through 2014.

The survey also lists the factors managers and deputies consider when changing jobs. Location is high on the list as, unsurprisingly, is remuneration. Managers tend to be particularly motivated by the job role – the responsibilities and the actual nature of the duties.

Job security is less of a motivating factor than it was in previous years, suggesting that managers and deputies perceive the industry to be more stable than previously.

The full survey is available to download free at


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