Sanderson criticises ‘blinkered view’ of hospital discharges

The latest figures on delayed hospital discharges revealed by the the National Audit Office could be eased by making better use by providers of high quality care and housing says Audley Retirement CEO, Nick Sanderson.

He said: “There is still far too much of a blinkered view on the end problem, rather than preventative measures. Appropriate support in the community will naturally allow patients to be discharged in the knowledge that they will receive the necessary level of care. However, surely delaying these visits in the first place is the first step to easing the pressure? A lot of this comes from high quality housing offering flexible care that can be implemented as and when required, and research has shown this to be the case.

“The International Longevity Centre has found that living in accommodation which both facilities independent living, yet offers this flexible care is associated with a lower uptake of inpatient hospital beds. That’s something that can’t be ignored.

“Not only this, but it even allows early discharge as patients are returning to a purpose-built home, with the right support to enable early rehabilitation if needed. It won’t be solved immediately, but if we adjust the spotlight and focus on promoting high quality of life and wellbeing in the first place, it will go a long way to minimising these costly delays.”


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