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Care home nurses are being urged to get involved in emerging Social Care Nursing Advisory Councils (SCNAC).

SCNACs are designed to work alongside chief nurses in each Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to ensure that the challenges, priorities, and successes within social care are recognised and discussed.

The SCNAC will act as a platform, working in partnership to raise the profile of social care and social care nursing; supporting adult social care workforce development; highlighting local and national issues, and helping to set priorities and agree agendas, that include social care as an equal voice.

Each SCNAC will consist of about 10 people – a number that is felt to be just enough to ensure meaningful conversation and decision-making, whilst still ensuring diversity and fair representation across the sector. Commenting, SCNAC chair Jo-Anne Wilson said: “Social care nurses are at the heart of many person-centred solutions. By talking together, listening to each other and sharing ideas, we’ll be able to find mutual solutions to issues that affect both sectors and the people who draw on care and support.”

She added: “It’s important that we use our opportunity wisely, I’m sure there will be the need to be tenacious at times and to be persistent with our ask. We have the chance to share our vision, to champion our causes, expose health care inequalities and underfunding, and to be a critical companion when difficult decisions are to be made.”

You can hear more from Jo-Anne on the Skills for Care Podcast channel – The Care Exchange.

Read Care Home Management’s July issue, out next week, to find out more about social care involvement in ICS.

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