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Scotland sets out action plan for out of area placements and delayed discharge

The Scottish Government has set out plans to reduce by March 2024 the number of out-of-area residential placements and inappropriate hospital stays for people with complex care needs.  

Coming Home Implementation: A report from the working group on complex care and delayed discharge sets out the aim that people are only in hospital for as long as they require assessment and treatment.

Among the recommendations are to set up a National Support Panel to oversee the Dynamic Support Register and establish an open collaborative troubleshooting forum. The framework details overall objectives that behavioural challenge and the service breakdown which often accompanies it, are no longer a reasonable reason for admission to hospital. In addition, people should no longer be placed in unsuitable or poor quality out-of-area placements, which do not meet their needs, i.e. which are large, institutional, provide an inadequate level of care, and/or are disconnected from the local community.

The vision document sets out Scotland’s plans to meet the human rights obligations for people with learning disabilities. It states: “‘Care in the Community’ has still not been universally realised and we are failing those who are still delayed in hospital or in inappropriate out-of-area placements through the lack of provision of proactively-planned quality care and housing in community.”


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