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Scottish care leaders call for more nature-based activities

Engagement with nature can be transformative for health, a new report concludes.

 Growing the impact of nature concludes that activities such as bird watching, plant spotting, mindfulness linked to nature, gardening and farming, can be achieved regardless of the sex, age, class or ethnicity of beneficiaries, and across the whole range of mental and physical health problems.

 The report, published by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, concludes that  nature-based health activities (NBHA) must become a valued and embedded aspect of the health and social care system in Scotland. It notes that engagement with nature can bring fun, joy, and an opportunity for stillness, attention and focus way from noise and stress. NBHA can be used as a background to interventions, or the central activity.

Proposals to encourage take-up include funding, local and national leadership and referral processes.  


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