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Scottish inspections to validate homes’ self-evaluation from July

From 1 July 2024, inspections in Scotland of appropriate adult care services dealing with vulnerable people will include validation of a home’s self-evaluation of core assurances.

Appropriate adult services are provided to vulnerable people aged 16 and over. A person is deemed to be vulnerable if, owing to a mental disorder, they need support to communicate effectively or understand sufficiently what is happening during police procedures. This may be due to mental illness, personality disorder, learning disability or other cause.

 Care homes in Scotland are not required to submit a self-assessment and the new validation is designed to complement self-assessment through “responsive and proportionate inspection activity”.

The three key elements to self-assessment are:

  • How are we doing? Baseline information for any further development and improvement
  • How do we know? Qualitative and quantitative evidence   
  • What do we plan to do next?


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