Sense receives £170,000 grant for elderly with sight and hearing loss

National deafblind charity Sense is to receive almost £170,000 in funding to showcase their work on how early recognition of sight and hearing loss can improve the lives of older people.
Funded by the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development (ISED) fund, this two-year project will share Sense’s knowledge about age-related sight and hearing loss with health and social care professionals.
It will enable Sense to provide specific advice and support to key organisations, including local authorities, the Care Quality Commission and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The funding will also be used to promote Sense’s early recognition screening tool and training to residential care homes in England. The tool identifies residents with both hearing and sight loss and involves a three part assessment of the resident’s sight and hearing. This includes questions related to everyday functioning that is possibly affected by hearing and sight loss.

Early identification often prevents problems and difficulties exacerbating, and reduces the negative impact that this has upon the quality of life and wellbeing, for both deafblind people and their family or carers. Simple strategies to help people with dual sensory impairment can include a loop hearing system, large print newspapers and different coloured plates.


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