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Staff pay and conditions fuel public unrest with social care

Working conditions and training for social care staff rank highest among the reasons people are dissatisfied with social care, a survey of British adults has revealed.

The British Social Attitudes survey published by the Nuffield Trust finds that as well as empathy for social care workforce, British people are concerned about not receiving all the social care they need.

A third concern is that social care is not affordable.

Overall, only 15 per cent of respondents to the survey said they were satisfied with social care services in 2021, and 50 per cent reported dissatisfaction.  

Satisfaction with the NHS has also fallen – by an unprecedented 17 percentage point decrease on 2020 – to 36 per cent. This is the lowest level of satisfaction recorded since 1997, when satisfaction fell to 34 per cent.  

The main reason people gave for being dissatisfied with the NHS overall was waiting times for GP and hospital appointments (65 per cent) followed by staff shortages (46 per cent) and a view that the government does not spend enough money on the NHS (40 per cent).

British Social Attitudes (BSA) surveys 1,039 people about their satisfaction with specific NHS and social care services, as well as their views on NHS funding.


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