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Have your say on regulation of staffing in Scottish care homes

Care homes in Scotland are invited to have their say on the latest draft of the Care Inspectorate’s staffing method framework for care homes for adults  

This survey available to complete until Sunday 1 October.

The framework aims to prepare care homes for regulation following enactment of the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019 from 1 April 2024.

The draft framework offers the following guidance for good practice in care homes that complies with the Act:  

  • Staffing contingency plans to address short notice absences
  • Staffing escalation process, who can you call, what autonomy do you have to make decisions.
  • Self-evaluation, for example, when staff report stress
  • Quality assurance audits, eg, on falls, to inform staffing levels
  • Open forums where people receiving care and family members can raise concerns and agree solutions
  • Creating links with allied health professionals can provide access to specialist training when required.

The principles of the Act are that staffing for care services achieves the following outcomes:

  • Improved standards and outcomes for service users
  • taking account of the needs, abilities, characteristics, and circumstances of different service users
  • respect for the dignity and rights of service users
  • taking account of the views of staff and service users 
  • ensuring the wellbeing of staff 
  • being open with staff and service users about decisions on staffing
  • allocating staff efficiently and effectively
  • promoting multi-disciplinary services as appropriate.


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