Sustainable care network to identify solutions to social care crisis

A new research project led by academics at the University of Sheffield will examine potential sustainable solutions to the ongoing crisis within the UK’s social care system.

With an ageing population, shortages of staff in home and residential care, and growing reliance on unpaid carers, the question of how to resource and deliver social care is a critical issue facing society today.

The Sustainable Care Research Programme, led by Professor Sue Yeandle from the University of Sheffield’s Department of Sociological Studies, and bringing together academics from seven universities, will take an international approach to identifying solutions to this crisis.

Working with an extended network of international academic partners in 15 other countries, the project will take a future-oriented and internationally comparative look at current approaches to the care needs of adults living at home with chronic health problems or disabilities, examining these in the context of care systems, care work and care relationships.

Researchers will investigate how these approaches can be made economically and socially sustainable while still delivering positive outcomes for care users, for families and carers and for care workers.

Professor Sue Yeandle said: “The Sustainable Care Research Programme brings together leading researchers in a wide range of fields, including sociology and management, political studies, and health, employment and will provide a strong evidence base to move the UK’s social care system in a more sustainable direction.

“Our programme will fill knowledge gaps, contribute new theoretical ideas and data analyses, and provide useful, accurate evidence to inform care planning, provision and experience. It will develop and critically engage with policy and theoretical debates about all aspects of social care.”


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