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Boosting staff recruitment and retention – CHM’s latest podcast

Recruitment and retention of care workers is arguably the key challenge for most care providers in 2023. 
On our latest industry-leading podcast our experts discuss:

  • Why the care sector cannot ignore the issue of pay when it comes to retention and recruitment
  • How staff shortages impact on the quality of care
  • Are there any short-term solutions to the long-term staffing problems
  • The role of professional development and training
  • Why care homes need a Leadership Mindset
  • How care can recruit people in other sectors who have the right transferrable skills
  • What can care learn from other industries?
  • Why we need more innovation around staffing
  • The importance of having real company value
  • How employee wellbeing can play a big part in retaining your best people

This podcast is a must-listen for any care home owner or manager looking for solutions to its staffing challenges.

Join:  Dee Newton from Craven Consultancy ServicesCharles Armitage from Florence and Zameer Nazarali from SimplifyER.

Your host is CHM’s publishing editor Steve Hemsley and the podcast is sponsored by CAS Recruitment, a leading recruiter sourcing carers from the Philippines for more than 20 years.

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