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Go digital and save money on admin and rostering – podcast

The cost of living crisis is prompting more care homes to consider using technology to save money.

In a special podcast in association with care home administration software company CoolCare, Care Home Management looks at how technology is helping providers keep bills down and retain staff.

“We all know that with the pressure on finances those working in our industry are questioning whether they are in the right profession. They want to know they can get the hours they need to pay their bills at the end of the month,” says CoolCare managing director Fiona Hale. “This is creating a pressure point for care homes that also need to save money in their businesses.”

By using an effective workforce management and administration solution care homes can find efficiency savings quickly.

Reduce agency costs

For example, when it comes to reducing agency costs, the system’s dashboard (viewed on a desktop or a mobile device) helps permanent staff get the shifts they want and helps to fill any gaps at different care home locations.

“This not only saves care homes money, but residents are seeing the carers they know,” says sales manager Iain Corrigan. “It can mean you are able to pay your own staff more and keep them engaged.”

Hale says the cost of living crisis has fuelled another trend where people want more certainty around the shifts they can get.

“Staff can see in advance how many hours they are going to get next month and plan accordingly.  This can be particularly useful for anyone with childcare responsibilities.”

CoolCare has also noticed how its user friendly technology is being adopted by care professionals of all ages as the benefits of digital transformation become more apparent.

“I was talking to one care home manager who said she had not had to phone anyone to take a shift for six weeks because people were using the CoolCare system,” says Corrigan. “This was saving her up to two hours a day and meant she could spend more time with her team.”

Young staff prefer tech

He adds that younger workers in particular prefer to book shifts via their mobile device rather than pick up the phone to a manager.

“There has been a generational shift. For example many student nurses prefer to use a staff portal on their phone to pick their shifts and add extra ones if they need money for something specific.”

Tune into the podcast here for more tips on how to save money and boost staff engagement during the cost of living crisis.

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