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Top laundry advice can save care homes time and money

Care providers can save considerable time and money by making their laundry operation more efficient.

This is the message from supplier Washco which runs the Love Laundry Awards.

It’s top tips include:

  • Run regular maintenance washes

This removes the build up of old detergent, food and bacteria. It is advised that care homes run maintenance washes at least once a month.

  • Use the correct laundry chemicals and detergents

It is important the right products are selected for your care home. Biological detergents are recommended, and you should use a low temperature destainer or a hydrogen peroxide. A good fabric conditioner should be used to reduce the time it takes to iron laundry.

  • Clean lint filters after every cycle

Always remove any build-up from the lint filter to avoid your dryer working harder than it needs to. This will improve energy usage and increase the machine’s lifespan.

One finalist in the Love Laundry Awards is Hale Place in East Peckham in Kent. Registered manager Danielle Cave said the home has redesigned its laundry room to create a wet and a dry room.

“We also added another washing machine to reduce washing time and looked at other ways to support our staff. We built shelves, for example, and the machines are installed at waist height to make the working environment safer.”

Read more about laundry in our latest issue.


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