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How the Care Show is bouncing back in 2021

Care Show director Michael Corbett spoke to Care Home Management ahead of this year’s return to explain why he is so glad to be back with a face-to-face event. The Care Show takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday 13 October and Thursday 14 October.

Hear the full interview below.

CHM: Well Michael, what an 18 months it has been for you and the CloserStill Media team. How have you all been preparing for the return of the Care Show?

Michael Corbett (MC): It’s been very interesting and very exciting. It is so difficult when things are out of your control and you are not able to do what you are known for. It is a pleasure to give social care back its show, which means so much to everyone.

CHM: Yes, this is such a great opportunity to get people together after such a long time?

MC: As a face-to-face event organiser you are always being told how online is going to kill off your sector. We did many virtual events during the pandemic, but you cannot replicate in-person. That accidental meeting down an aisle, being stopped by someone you have not seen for ages. You cannot beat the banter and emotions you feel at a real-life exhibition. 

This is an opportunity – in a safe environment – to hear about and discuss best practice in small and large groups. You can feel isolated when everything is virtual.

CHM: How have things changed for you as organisers since the last Care Show. What can people expect?

MC: The 18-month gap has given us an opportunity to speak to everybody and ask them what exactly they would like from their show. We know people wanted to keep the educational content and we have increased the number of debates. People seem to be much more receptive and responsive to seeing people discuss an important topic rather than watching a PowerPoint. We are also taking a TED-style approach with punchier seminars.

CHM: You have also split the show into themes?

MC: Yes, this is an important development. It means that if you are a care home manager and you bring your team along, you can allocate the seminars most relevant to individuals. This could be around technology or infection control. This is all about ensuring visitors get the best experience from attending the show.

CHM: How are you using technology to enhance that experience?

MC: We are pushing the virtual/face-to-face hybrid event model too. We are only the third show in the UK to adopt the same technology as Google Maps. We are recording every gangway, stand and seminar so that after the show, no matter where you are in the UK, Europe or the world, you can actually walk the Care Show as if you were there.

CHM: Obviously there will be some people still anxious about attending. How can you reassure them?

MC: We’ve made it very safe without losing the warm and human aspect of why the show exists. We are ready to cater for anyone who might need extra help. It’s just great to be back.

For more information, including on how to register please visit the Care Show website here.


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