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Wales allows two visitors, who can remove face masks and hold hands

Care homes in Wales are now permitted to allow routine indoor visiting by two designated visitors at the same time, and to allow the removal of face coverings during indoor visits.

Updated visiting guidance issued on May 14 sets out the following provisions for visits:

  • Designated indoor visitors may visit at the same time. They should socially distance if not members of the same household or extended household
  • Visitors and residents may hold hands. Visitors should wash hands before and after any contact
  • Visits should, where possible, take place in a designated room to avoid visitors moving around the building. Ideally the designated room is close to the entrance of the building, and well ventilated
  • Indoor visitors will be subject to testing
  • Visitors may remove face coverings once seated, if:
    • they are socially distanced from residents,
    • visits are in a well ventilated room and that room is either a designated visiting room only being used by one family at a time or the residents own room.

In terms of out of home visits, care providers are told that if an adult with capacity wishes to go out, then members of staff at the home cannot prevent them from doing so.

Providers should keep records of all visitors to the home, and breaches in visiting protocols. 


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