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Kingsley Healthcare tops Indeed Work Wellbeing awards

Three care home providers have been named in the top 10 companies in the Better Work Awards.

The inaugural awards from recruiter site Indeed recognise the top companies for work wellbeing.

Companies were judged by employees on factors such as happiness, purpose, satisfaction and stress. Employers must have received at least 100 unique ratings to be considered.

Suffolk-based care home provider Kingsley Healthcare topped the list with a Work Wellbeing Score of 85 out of a possible 100. 

It achieved scores in the top quadrant for every single category measured in the four wellbeing measurements but also in each of the 11 sub-measurements that contribute to the overall score, like trust, inclusion and management. 

Exemplar Healthcare also featured in eighth place and Anchor in tenth with joint wellbeing scores of 69. Bluebird home care took seventh place with a score of 70.

According to Indeed, work wellbeing is now a critical recruitment factor. Its research shows that just 23 per cent of UK workers are ‘thriving’ at work compared to 29 per cent in the US. Workers do not feel energised (51 per cent of respondents) and did not have a sense of belonging (46 per cent) or have trust at work (41 per cent).

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, director of the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University, said: “Employers… who prioritise wellbeing reap the rewards of higher productivity and improved employee retention and attraction. In turn, this leads to greater business performance.”


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