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Why care homes must compare energy prices

If you run a care home, it’s important to keep close control of your outgoings. Yet with healthcare and care home facilities heavily reliant on gas and electricity, these costs can spiral.

One of the quickest ways to reduce these costs and get them back under control is to compare energy prices. By switching energy suppliers, you can make real savings on your energy costs.

British Business Energy looks at the key reasons for using an energy comparison service to save money on gas and electricity.

Why is comparing energy prices so important?

Businesses who fail to switch or renegotiate their energy deal will often be moved onto expensive out-of-contract rates by their supplier. These rates can be up to 80% higher than the average negotiated rates.

If your care home is classed as a micro business, you will receive a renewal letter from your supplier detailing what your prices will be and how you can compare the latest prices. However, suppliers are not required to send renewal letters to larger businesses. This means it’s vital to keep note of your renewal window to find the best energy deals available to you.

Comparing energy prices doesn’t need to be complicated

When you compare energy prices online, you will only be required to provide a few simple details about your business and your energy requirements. You will then be provided with the latest energy quotes from a wide range of suppliers.

Once you’ve selected your energy tariff, the entire switching process will be handled for you. This includes arranging the switchover date with your new and old supplier with no interruption to your energy supply.

You can access better prices than going it alone

Energy comparison services and brokers have developed strong relationships with suppliers. This allows them to negotiate preferred rates with suppliers that may not be available to regular customers.

You will also have access to a much wider range of suppliers than you would when going it alone. This means you could find cheaper rates from a smaller, independent supplier that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered switching with.

With a simple process and great rates available, comparing energy prices could help your care home make real savings on its gas and electricity.


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